September Transitions.

As fall starts to beckon and the nal days of summer are coming to a close, it is time to relish the smell of sunscreen and fresh cut grass. In a moments time, leaves will be blanketing the ground with cool evenings covering the horizon. September is my month of transition and compromise. I am a teacher and a moth- er now. When school began last year, I was on maternity leave. This year is a different story indeed. Just like every student, I begin to feel my heart utter with the anxiety of the rst day of school. The wave of pressure stems from the leaving my daughter as I transition into going back to work. I used to have sleepless nights thinking about if my students would like my projects and if my classroom would be as organized as I would like. These days however I ponder all the things I might miss out on while I am working . I am excited to teach high school students all the things I hold dear to my heart, but at the same time I am torn with the voice that reminds me that I will be missing out on some of my daughter’s precious moments. Her first year has been a learning curve filled with many life-changing adjustments. Over the summer we were able to get into a great rhythm together. I watched her first steps, taking her to swimming lessons, listened to uncontrollable laughter from all her exploration, trying new foods, drifting off to sleep after reading a story. Our routine became daily rituals that I looked forward to. I am now going to have to let go of some that control and realize someone else will be stepping in to facilitate the routine. I feel like that is my biggest task at hand. I am holding on to everything I have worked so hard to create. I worry if someone will not be able to do the things I do with my daughter exactly the way I would have intended. I can’t help but wonder if I am giving up so many of these beautiful moments to go back to work? The one thing that has been comforting to me at this time is to constantly live in the present and be grateful for the time I do get to spend with my daughter. I know teaching is something I was meant to do. I cannot give up my passion based on the fear of letting go of control. As the school year begins I keep the mantra that balance is essential and that my love for my daughter as well as my love for teaching can co-exist in a way I never thought possible.

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