Cultivate your inner dreams.

Harvest your desires.

Stand strong with the roots of the earth.

Await for beauty to unfold.

Be energized with a restless soul.

Seek kindness in weathered conditions.

Let grounding be your guide.

Trust your thoughtful creations.

Know abundance is within reach.

Thread the fabric of your being.

Spark the embers in your soul.

Awaken day dreams.


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Alyson Marie is a firm believer that creativity, kindness and laughter are essential elements to the everyday. A creative intellect, she has been professionally been teaching art and photography for over eight years. Eloquence & Company sparked from the desire to collaborate with the exceptional brands and cultivate stories that resonate. She is currently pursuing her master's in art with her established portfolio as an author, photographer, abstract artist and content creator for New York's Mode Media.