The life of a woman in the creative realm is a complicated one if the constraints of society are allowed to lead. There are many different stances we can take on what it means to live life as a woman. We could choose to place our focus on the hardships that have proven to be ever present. We could fret at the thought that a woman’s creativity is often suppressed by the mundane demands imposed upon her. We could dwell on the inequalities that most certainly linger. What I have come to realize, however, is the less power we give societal norms, the less power they yield- and the more prospect there is for change. I urge you to be the change you wish to see and discredit the idea that you have to work a typical 9-5 job to be successful. Deny the status quo that in order to have abundance you must work hard rather than let prosperity naturally flow. Realize that while the resilience of women is astounding, we shouldn’t have to be resilient at all. Dream of the kind of world wished to be. Reminisce of plans to make these dreams reality. Make the decision to expect nothing less from others than to encourage the pursuit of creativity or simply don’t allow them to be a part of your world at all. Know these perceived societal norms hold absolutely no control over our lives unless we let them. As women, we are natural creators who deserve the time to honor our desired ways of being- whether it be through writing a book, decorating a home, tending a garden, designing a work proposal, or devoting time purely to bask in daydream. Illuminate the power within the feminine divine. Because when it comes to creating, no matter the circumstance, you are most certainly enough.

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