Author: Alyson Savageau


 Cultivate your inner dreams. Harvest your desires. Stand strong with the roots of the earth. Await for beauty to unfold. Be energized with a restless soul. Seek kindness in weathered conditions. Let grounding be your guide. Trust your thoughtful creations. Know abundance is within reach. Thread the fabric of your being. Spark the embers in your soul. Awaken day dreams.  

Pleasant Picnic.

The warm summer day greeted us with fresh cut grass intertwined in a blanket of red and white checkers. The scene was enough cause to learn the rules for a pleasant picnic. First, invite guests with a wanderlust for treats packed away in a wicker basket. Know that the playtime is just as important as the meal itself. Above all, laughter and day dreaming are essentials to the gathering.


Dear Student, I can’t help over hear you mumble the words “I hate the holidays” an hour before school let out for Thanksgiving break. It was very noticeable that life was testing your strength and slowly things were becoming undone. As a teacher I have become good at picking up on cues. I noticed the smile that usually adorned your face was replaced with a blank stare.You looked uncomfortable, as if your mind was going a million miles a minute and yet words were coming out of your mouth in slow motion. Your hair and clothing looked disheveled and the light in your eyes that had turned a muted gray. Your feet kept nervously tapping as I asked to have a chat in the art room. For some reason I saw the pain in your heart and it brought me back to a time I felt the world had taken the air right out of my lungs too. Your story haunted me. First and foremost you are an amazing student. Your determination to beat the …

September Transitions.

As fall starts to beckon and the nal days of summer are coming to a close, it is time to relish the smell of sunscreen and fresh cut grass. In a moments time, leaves will be blanketing the ground with cool evenings covering the horizon. September is my month of transition and compromise. I am a teacher and a moth- er now. When school began last year, I was on maternity leave. This year is a different story indeed. Just like every student, I begin to feel my heart utter with the anxiety of the rst day of school. The wave of pressure stems from the leaving my daughter as I transition into going back to work. I used to have sleepless nights thinking about if my students would like my projects and if my classroom would be as organized as I would like. These days however I ponder all the things I might miss out on while I am working . I am excited to teach high school students all the things I hold …