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It’s kind of amazing how when the seasons change your heart looks at things differently. Here was this boy that I squabbled with over toys. Ran away from on the play ground. Wondered why he was always so loud and rugged. Today though, as leaves began to fall and the sun was about to set, I saw a dapper gentleman. Without a moments hesitation I smiled and softly reached for his hand.

Pleasant Picnic.

The warm summer day greeted us with fresh cut grass intertwined in a blanket of red and white checkers. The scene was enough cause to learn the rules for a pleasant picnic. First, invite guests with a wanderlust for treats packed away in a wicker basket. Know that the playtime is just as important as the meal itself. Above all, laughter and day dreaming are essentials to the gathering.

Sunday best.

Sundays are best spent enjoying the early morning sun by sipping on smoothies- though there are a couple things you must do in order to enjoy the outing. Firstly, make sure to look sharp by sporting your Sunday best. Secondly, hair should be brushed and combed. Lastly, always look away from the camera as defiance is a most popular trait for two year old these days.    

Urban Safari.

It’s hard to survive the urban jungle without life’s bare necessities. First things first, you must always have a best friend to brave the tall grasses. In lieu of a warm summer day, you cannot forget to bring a frothy cold beverage and airy popcorn snack. Lastly, it is essential to know if you come into contact with wildlife, giggling will scare them away.