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Grilling Gone Green.

With summer finally in fruition, grilling inevitably follows suit. While traditional grilling often incorporates red meat, it is nice to know there are many alternatives that allow us to grill green. Visit Eloquence & Company at Mode for irresistible recipes proven enough to please the veggie lover in all of us.  

Surf-Inspired California Style.

Surfer girls embrace summer style with total ease. From boldly patterned body suits to free flowing sun dresses, the effortlessly laid back surf-to-street attire is always cause for style envy. Visit Eloquence & Company at Mode for essentials to channel your California surf style all summer long.  

The Grown-Up Girl’s Guide to a Sultry Summer.

There is something sensuous about being an adult in the summertime. With maturity comes a refined sense of lifestyle to complement the season. From outdoor dinner parties and sexy date nights to classic swimwear, gratifying books—even a well-planned family vacation. Visit Eloquence & Company at Mode for the grown-up girl’s guide to a sultry summer.    

Passport Alternative Patio Parties.

As the summer draws near, the lure of patio gatherings sound all the more enticing. When planning the event, you may find the typical backyard get together can be a bit mundane. Visit Eloquence & Company at Mode for inspiration to create a tempting ‘Passport De Terrace’ perfect for your next summer gathering.    

Yes, You Really Can: Moms Who Prove You Can Have It All

Motherhood presents the daunting task of compromising self-desire and family need—so how could any mother possibly “have it all”? Every woman is unique, so if we choose to focus not on what we don’t have but rather on finding our own niche—one that nurtures our sense of self alongside motherhood—then we will realize that “it all” is literally right in front of us. Visit  Eloquence & Company at Mode to learn how, with a strong regard for balance, moms everywhere are proving it’s possible to be the mom—better yet, the woman—who has it all.    

Can’t Cook, Can Decorate: Decor to Distract From Culinary

In my home, the kitchen is for display. I can almost guarantee that you will never be warmly invited by the smell of freshly baked apple pie—that’s what candles are for. For those of us who are less than skilled in culinary arts, the right decor can still make any kitchen a focal point in the home. Visit Eloquence & Company at Mode for some key elements to consider when decorating. After all, who needs food when you have pretty glasses to drink wine out of?