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Open Door.

Beautiful is the woman who greets an open door with internal optimism. She doesn’t let the world define her, she defines her world. She listens as the universe softly whispers opportunities of a day that will be seized. She knows love, kindness, strength and compassion will overpower any negative down pour.  An open door is just her beginning.

Yes, You Really Can: Moms Who Prove You Can Have It All

Motherhood presents the daunting task of compromising self-desire and family need—so how could any mother possibly “have it all”? Every woman is unique, so if we choose to focus not on what we don’t have but rather on finding our own niche—one that nurtures our sense of self alongside motherhood—then we will realize that “it all” is literally right in front of us. Visit  Eloquence & Company at Mode to learn how, with a strong regard for balance, moms everywhere are proving it’s possible to be the mom—better yet, the woman—who has it all.