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Open Door.

Beautiful is the woman who greets an open door with internal optimism. She doesn’t let the world define her, she defines her world. She listens as the universe softly whispers opportunities of a day that will be seized. She knows love, kindness, strength and compassion will overpower any negative down pour.  An open door is just her beginning.

Sprinkles: Umbrella of Essentials for Reoccurring Moms-to-Be

After the initial baby shower, most moms have all the critical essentials. Naturally, when another bundle of joy arrives they don’t need to be “showered” with gifts as much as they need to be “sprinkled”. When choosing an appropriate gift it is important to think about newborn necessities that she may or may not already have, but also provide her with the kind of indulgence she deserves. Visit Eloquence & Company at Mode to find faultless gift ideas for the reoccurring mom-to-be.    

The Way of the Happy Woman.

“Winter, while it can be one of the hardest seasons to embrace, has a lot to teach us about about true beauty and wisdom. Stripped of her flowers, leaves, and warmth, the earth reveals her naked self through her skeleton branches and barren ground. She becomes completely simple, having discarded everything but the bare essentials. Her scarcity and fierceness command our respect and attention, and, without apology for not being a warm and gracious hostess, she retreats into frozen silence. When we look to nature as our teacher, we see that she’s reflecting back to us a prolonged opportunity to hibernate and renew.” -Sara Avant Stover, The Way of the Happy Woman   Last winter, on a bitter cold January morning, I glanced out our window to the uninviting sight of gray clouds and frozen snow. It was the kind of weather I used to dread leaving the house in, but on this day there was no reason to venture out being that I was a stay-at-home mother to a six-month-old. Despite not having to brave the cold, a certain sadness …