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Open Door.

Beautiful is the woman who greets an open door with internal optimism. She doesn’t let the world define her, she defines her world. She listens as the universe softly whispers opportunities of a day that will be seized. She knows love, kindness, strength and compassion will overpower any negative down pour.  An open door is just her beginning.

Surf-Inspired California Style.

Surfer girls embrace summer style with total ease. From boldly patterned body suits to free flowing sun dresses, the effortlessly laid back surf-to-street attire is always cause for style envy. Visit Eloquence & Company at Mode for essentials to channel your California surf style all summer long.  

The Grown-Up Girl’s Guide to a Sultry Summer.

There is something sensuous about being an adult in the summertime. With maturity comes a refined sense of lifestyle to complement the season. From outdoor dinner parties and sexy date nights to classic swimwear, gratifying books—even a well-planned family vacation. Visit Eloquence & Company at Mode for the grown-up girl’s guide to a sultry summer.    

Shabby-Chic on the Cheap: A Charming, Affordable Nursery

Nesting allows expectant mothers to experience a sense of urgency mixed with the need to showcase a bit of perfection. As you count down to your due date, you’re busy preparing baby’s new digs. This beautiful time during pregnancy beckons the designer in each of us to create a space that is comforting, cozy, and delightful. Visit Eloquence & Company at Mode for ways to create a streamlined, shabby-chic nursery that can be done quickly and on a budget.